Overview on the most important insurances

Health insurance:

In Germany regular salaried employees must have public health insurance. Only public officers, self-employed people and employees with a large income, above approx. € 55,000.00 per year (adjusted yearly), may join the private system.

Liability insurance:
Any person should have a liabilty insurance. It costs approx. 90 € for the whole family p.a. and it protects you if somebody else claims you for a damage you might be responsible for. It should start with your first day in Germany.

Household or home insurance:
This insurance protects your household in case of fire, tab water, burglary and storm. When you will have moved into your flat or house, we will come to you and have a look to estimate which sum insured is adequate.

Insurance for the case of incapacity of work:
This insurance is important especially for families that only have one income. It protects you from a financial collapse if getting incapable of working, e.g. when you get a disease, get mentally thick (e.g. burnout) or have an accident. The costs depend on your health status, on what your work is about, on your education, on your age and on the rent that you want to have insured.

Legal insurance:
If you have any problems e.g. with your landlord or your employer and you need an advocate, this insurance will pay for it. It will also pay for the costs of court and assessors. It costs approx. 250,- € for the whole family per year.

Accident Insurance:
You might have an insurance that will pay a certain amount in case a member of your family gets invalid caused by an accident.

Travel Insurance
If you have a German public health insurance you should in addition have a travel insurance that will pay for all costs that are caused by health problems while traveling in a foreign country

Whom are you dealing with?

Since 1986 we have been giving our clients, private persons and small companies, an extensive consultancy in question of the insurances they are in need for, have been finding the optimal insurance companies and contracts for their needs and are the first contact person in case an insured event happens or for any concerns our clients have. We get a commission from the insurance companies – so our clients do not have to pay us directly.

We are always looking to improve our service and a full English translation of our website is coming soon. If you have any questions regarding our services please reach out to our team.